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coining a new mint

Yes, I’m back. After a too-long hiatus, I’m blogging again, with a fresh start, an updated Movable Type installation, a new design and a new name.

[Edit 31 March 2006: Speaking of the new name, the blog also is now officially at the root URL http://www.elfintech.com/ . While the former URL http://www.elfintech.com/reflection/ will continue to work for a while, I’d like to ask that you change any links to the blog to the former. If you’re just reading the feed, there’s no need to change anything, as the feed URL won’t change from http://feeds.feedburner.com/thomwatson .]

My intention, in fact, had been to relaunch the blog during our planned trip to London last month, with moblogged reports and Flickr photos of what we were doing and seeing. Those of you who’ve followed Jeff’s blog, and a few friends I’ve emailed separately, however, know that the February trip just was not meant to be. That merits its own post to follow, though, since this initial entry, at least, is intended to have a more forward-looking tone.


Welcome Back!


mint 190 banner image adapted from Lovely vintage Mercedes photo by June Shieh (misocrazy), cc Attribution 2.0