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m’aidez, may day

Today I took part in The May Day Project, an event in which the participants were to document one day in their life—Saturday, May 10—with photographs taken throughout the day.

The thumbnails link to the full-size photos.

0050: alex and I getting ready for bed 0744: alarm goes off 0814: something in my tire

0050: Bed. Alex waits for me.

0744: Wakeup. The snooze alarm already has gone off three times. Yes, it’s Saturday, but I have to be at work today to oversee a server move.

0814: Car. There’s something in the rear passenger tire. Looks like I’ll be walking to the office instead of driving over. In the rain.

0839: arriving at the office 0847: the servers to be moved 0859: diet dr. pepper and animal crackers

0839: Office. Arriving at the Visitor’s Center in order to sign in with security. The black band at the top of the photo is my umbrella.

0847: Server. These are the servers that need to be disassembled, moved to another location, reassembled and hooked back up. I’m here just to oversee the process.

0859: Breakfast. The cafeteria’s not open on Saturday, and I didn’t eat before I left home. The vending machine supplied the Diet Dr. Pepper and the animal crackers. Yum.

1033: reading email 1318: driving to lunch 1358: finishing a wonderful tex-mex lunch at el paso cafe

1033: Email. Sitting at my desk reading email and catching up on blogs while the contractors work on the server.

1318: To lunch. We’re leaving the parking lot, heading out to go get some lunch.

1358: Lunch. Just finishing my really wonderful meal at El Paso Cafe on Pershing, just off Glebe.

1505: walking in the rain 1522: stacks in the library 1552: alex

1505: Leaving. I finally realized that I don’t really need to be present, since there are other government employees there in the server room to supervise the contractors. Walking home in the rain, I decide to stop by the library.

1522: Library. Stacks in the Columbia Pike branch of the Arlington County library system.

1552: Home. As I open the door to my condo, Alex runs out into the hallway and rolls on the floor, as he always does.

1712: thom takes a nap 1856: thom feeds the kitty 2015: thom prepares dinner

1712: Naptime. For some reason, I’m exhausted, even though I didn’t do the hard work today. I lie on the futon in the computer room and settle in for a nap. I had thought about going to see the taping this evening of This American Life, but I haven’t eaten dinner, I’m tired, and I have to get up early again tomorrow.

1856: Suppertime. Well, suppertime for Alex, anyway. I open a pouch of Whiskas. Yum.

2015: Dinner. Now I’m ready to eat. A Lean Pocket, frozen corn (I’ve added some spices and cilantro), some grapes, and the ubiquitous Diet Dr. Pepper. Caffeine-free this time, for variety. And served in an ever-so-tasteful Max Headroom plastic cup (yes, I swear I really am a gay man, appearances to the contrary notwithstanding).

2119: thom rips cds 2209: thom adds a comment to his journal 0000: thom brushes his teeth

2119: Ripping. Over the past few days I’ve been ripping all my CDs to my hard drive in preparation for buying an MP3 player for when I walk to and from work.

2209: Blogging. I’m responding to a comment in my journal from Jeff over at Rebel Prince.

2400: Just under the wire. Midnight, the end of this day and of this May Day event, and I’m brushing my teeth.


Dropping by from the May Day site :) Love your photos.. your cat is so adorable!!

thanks for participating in the project! great to see everyone’s day :)

Thom, I really liked your page, and your May Day photos. I’m working on getting mine finished as well. I have an Elven alter ego I’d love to share with you sometime. Hope you’ll stop by my site sometime. jdh

Dropping in from Mayday. Looks like you had a wonderful day.


mint 190 banner image adapted from Lovely vintage Mercedes photo by June Shieh (misocrazy), cc Attribution 2.0